Manufacturers use the same part on other bikes.

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Manufacturers use the same part on other bikes.

Postby redbug2 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:12 am


I have found that when I try to find old motorcycle parts that sometimes it pays to look up part numbers. For instance, a turn signal on a 1974 Honda XL70 might also be found on another 1974 Honda. Its cheaper for a manufacturer to use the same part on different bikes rather than create unique parts.

I usually get a part number from one of the many OEM parts sites and then run that number on ebay or just on google and I usually come up with a lot of matches.

I did it with my 75 XL250 Motosport. I was looking for a key ignition and could not find one for the XL250. Looked at the numbers and found that the part numbers were the same for the 75 XL350 at least for the ignition. Looked for an XL350 ignition on ebay and found one.

Hope this information helps.
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