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Was just at the mid ohio motorcycle swap meet. I was selling a bike to a man and I pointed out that the tank was a little rusty. In an attempt to clean up the tank I had made a rotisserie driven by a gear motor. I mounted the tank and put bb's and screws in it. Had to remount the tank a few times to get different areas. It did an ok job. Told the buyer what I had done and he said he used a different method.

He would put screws into his tanks, wrap the tank in a blanket and put it in the clothes dryer.... I thought that was a great idea. A lot easier than creating a rotisserie. 

Perhaps I would initially wrap the tank in a plastic bag and then a blanket, then duct tape. I don't think I would tell my wife about it....


Radiator Leak Test

Inner Tube Radiator pressure test. Cut an inner tube and place each end on the radiator ends with hose clamps. Pressure it up and test for leaks.

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Lacing a spoked rim

This is a great page that explains how to lace a rim.

How to Lace a motorcycle rim


Plastic Side Cover Repair

I have found that using a hot glue gun on the plastic side covers does a good job. I tried it on a busted up XL70 side cover. Got the glue hot and ran it quickly down the side of the crack, pushed the piece on and then ran a thick bead on the back side of the cover. Worked well. Probably no more than one glue stick. 1  View

Cleaning Chrome with Aluminum Foil

Cleaning rusty chrome with Aluminum Foil 

 Tried this, did not get great results....


Freeing a stuck caliper piston
All with disk brakes

Just freed up a stuck calliper. Usually I can blow them out with air pressure. That did not work on this caliper . Put it in the vise and compressed it, that got it to move. Then tried air pressure again, no luck.

 Got out the grease gun. Took off grease zerk end and threaded the gun into the brake line about 1 thread. Pumped the grease in and the caliper piston popped out. 


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I have used Drain cleaner on gas tanks.   they get little warm but it does a good job.  you will find out if you have a pin hole in your tank though.    Rinse with soapy water then rinse again with a oil gas mix ( I used my chainsaw gas   50-1) 0